Our Story

The Chakra Room is a complementary health and wellbeing centre based in the beautiful market town of Ramsbottom, specialising in holistic treatments, workshops and trainings for health, wellness and spirituality.

The very essence of The Chakra Room is to treat the “whole person”, and we achieve this by combining a range of holistic therapies to promote emotional and  physical wellbeing.

People travel from all over the North West and beyond to visit our stunning space. Far more than simply treatment rooms, The Chakra Room is a community of likeminded, beautiful souls who join together and choose health over illness.

Whatever stage of your journey you are at, we are here to offer you a choice of treatments and therapies to reclaim your power  and connect to the life you deserve.

The Team




As a holistic therapist with over 20 years experience, I am completely dedicated to health and wellbeing across a range of therapies.

My accreditations include:

  • FHT membership

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Reflexologist – foot and facial

  • Aromatherapist

  • Massage therapist

  • Crystal energy therapist

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Spiritual and energy mentor

  • Training and workshop facilitator

  • Corporate wellness advisor




As a primary school teacher in a previous life, my passion to help people, help themselves has  continued in the work I do today. I work with children and adults to support their growth and healing as I share with them a different way of processing life. A way that will guide them out of drama and suffering, so they can live a more peaceful, happier life.

My accreditations include:

  • A primary school teacher

  • A Reiki master

  • A clinical Hypnotherapist

  • An NLP practitioner

  • An IEMT Practitioner 

  • An EFT Practitioner 

  • A student of a course in miracles.

  • A student of The Olive Jar





Our Community

The Chakra Room is far more than a therapy centre – it’s a community of likeminded souls, seekers, adventurers, thinkers, visionaries and healers. A safe, comfortable and warm place, our community comes together, choosing to invest in treatments to help with all aspects of the self and to explore the spiritual call of your soul. 


4This takes the form of individual therapies, wellbeing courses and workshops to develop and enrich the mind, body and spirit through energy practice, education and personal development.

The Chakra Room is a growing centre of like-minded people and a loving space where you can choose wellness over illness, peace over chaos and explore all things complementary and alternative to expand your awareness and connection.

Not only will you learn and develop a healthy practice for yourself, you will build true friendships that will last a lifetime.


Our wonderful space has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. A combination of warm and comfortable treatment rooms and larger workshop space, it’s a hub of bliss where the energy and healing is palpable. 


Leave the stresses of life behind in our treatment rooms where you’ll receive tender care from our experienced therapists, be that for health, mental health, relaxation or self care. 


Our larger workshop space is as flexible as it is beautiful. It can be the setting for deep meditation sessions and tranquil gong baths, or high vibrational workshops packed with energy and laughter.

It is a beautiful space where we come together to learn, expand and grow. It’s magical to see barriers dropped, soul seekers find a home and deep connections and friendships happen in this space.