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The Centre of Excellence

The Chakra Room founder Sam Whittaker has been a teacher of the traditional
Usui System of Reiki for over 15 years having taught hundreds of students this
powerful healing system from level one through to master teacher.

It is now possible to train in many things for a small fee in a short space of time 
but we passionately believe that a healing system such as reiki has a tradition and
lineage that needs the utmost respect and continual personal and professional

For students and practitioners there is often no back up to support the student in this area. The founding members of The Reiki Centre of Excellence, have embarked on a mission to deliver high quality reiki treatments and training in one place. 

Be that one to one or groups and classes, supporting your own personal journey and that of a therapist should you decide to go into practice and into your own teaching path.

Our aim is to uphold traditional teachings whilst offering you the space to evolve
and expand your awareness and practice to your highest potential. Excellence in
all areas, together with deeply rooted skills and practices are at the top of our list.


We offer this in the safe and sacred space of The Chakra Room within a
supportive and expansive community.

Sam - Cropped

Samantha Whittaker 

Founder of The Chakra Room - Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Holistic Therapist.

Sam has been a teacher of Reiki for 15 years and throughout those years has taught many students the amazing healing art form of Reiki. When you train at The Chakra Room, you also get the added benefit of a likeminded community and creative space to be able to deepen into your Reiki practice and own healing journey with ongoing support and opportunities for you to personally, spiritually and professionally develop.

Sam is passionate about the quality of training offered together with the continuing relationship with student and master and is dedicated to providing a deeply connected and professional approach to training with integrity for its history, sacredness and pure potential and power. Having taught many students that have now gone on to teach others themselves and create a career with Reiki or to offer their skills in hospices and cancer centres.

Excellence and quality treatments are at the top of their list and a naturally evolved community has developed and now the time has come to step into that role and create a new Centre of Excellence for the benefit of all.

To book directly with Sam through the services and treatments page 


Reiki Master 

Sherry first discovered Reiki in 2018, at the time was under a great deal of stress, burnt out and working in corporate senior management.
Having gone for a Reiki treatment and she was blown away and it was a life changing point for her.
She now has her own Reiki Practice and also offers treatments. Her message is that "if you’re new to Reiki... I would say that it’s definitely something you need to experience to fully appreciate just how magical and beneficial it can be".

The joy she gets in seeing the difference from when someone comes through the door to when they
leave absolutely confirms she's on the right path in bringing Reiki to all that can benefit from it.

She's so grateful to Sam and the community at The Chakra Room and is honoured to be a founding member of The Reiki Centre of
Excellence for Reiki.
Contact: 07578581742

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Reiki Master and Master Teacher

Kathy fell in love with Reiki following her first ever treatment over 10 years ago. Since undertaking her Reiki level one in 2015 she advanced her practice and knowledge becoming a Reiki Master in 2019.

Kathy is a well known face at The Chakra Room assisting in the Reiki training events and proudly became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2023.


For Kathy, Reiki has been the start of a beautiful holistic journey, helping her navigate the way through life’s twists and turns and pushing her forward in ways she never imagined possible.


You will find her most weekends at The Chakra Room either teaching Reiki, attending the many
events on offer or occasionally causing chaos with her funny experiences and stories. She looks forward to seeing both old and new faces as she expands into more treatments and courses. 

Contact: 07500817929


Reiki Master 

Elaine, is a Reiki Master and from a young age had an affinity with essential oils, crystals and holistic healing.


She started her formal Reiki training in 2018, becoming a Reiki Master in 2020.  


Elaine is currently expanding her therapeutic stills training to become an acupuncturist, which includes the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Giving her a greater understanding of the body’s natural flow of Qi and deepening her relationship with energy work. She's proud to take this knowledge forward in to the Reiki Centre
of Excellence.

Contact: 07857474791



Reiki Master

Pete started his Reiki journey in 2017 when he was introduced to The Chakra Room. After one treatment, he was fascinated to learn more about this art and booked on to the Level 1 course.

On completing his Level one in January 2018 he went on to do his Level 2 in October 2018. After being initially uncertain about master level, the universe had other plans and he then became a Reiki Master in June 2019. 

Pete now has his own Reiki practice with regular clients, alongside his regular job working for the
ambulance service. 

Contact: 07792399547

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Reiki Master

Grace discovered Reiki when she was undergoing fertility treatment almost 14 years ago. After having a few sessions she was quickly hooked, working through all the levels and using Reiki daily.

Grace is a Reiki Master, Hypnobirthing Practitioner (Mongan Method), Meditation facilitator and works on
holistic retreats. Whilst also training to become a Tai Chi Instructor to run classes and workshops for schools, individuals and businesses across the North West.

The Chakra Room has been a big part of her life since it’s inception and she's extremely excited to be part of the Reiki Centre of Excellence founding team.

Contact: 07821776555

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