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Reiki Healing In Bury

  • 1 h
  • 40 British pounds
  • Bolton Street

Service Description

Reiki…everything that exists is energy, including you Many years ago, as a ‘Clinical Reflexologist’, Reiki seemed a little woo-woo to me. I didn't understand energy and the fact that people are a wonderful highway of energy that needs to flow and move for us to function well and feel well physically, emotionally, and mentally. During my Reflexology sessions, I discovered and felt energy flowing and moving through my clients, and they began to mention how they could feel it too so my exploration into holistic energy healing began, and I found a wonderful Reiki master who changed my whole view of how we function, how we are made up of energy that needs to be in harmony for us to be full of vitality, and feeling alive and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing practice where the Reiki practitioner channels universal ‘life force energy’ into the client to promote wellbeing, relaxation, and calm natural flow, and mental and spiritual clarity. It is a deeply soothing sensation which allows the body to awaken to its own powerful and natural healing abilities. Restoring balance relieving stress and promoting peace, health and ease in the body, mind, and spirit and soul. Incorporating practices like meditation and understanding the chakras can enhance the Reiki experience. Managing stress and promoting well-being are integral parts of this healing journey. The soul resonates with these practices, bringing harmony, calm, and peace to individuals. The energy field or aura and the vibrations it emits are key components in Reiki. You do not have to have a belief in Reiki for it to work, and although for lots of people, it can be a very spiritual experience, it is not a religion or based around any religion. It is a beautiful and deeply nourishing therapy that has to be experienced to be understood. At The Chakra Room in Ramsbottom in Bury, we are passionate about the power and pure potential of Reiki treatments and Reiki training and strive to make Reiki accessible to everyone in and around Greater Manchester. With this in mind, we have created our own Centre of Excellence in Reiki, also known as the Reiki Room, so that you can be assured of the very highest standards of care and training, as well as continual development in all areas of Reiki in both our therapists and Reiki students. Our services are designed to answer your questions about Reiki and its various therapies.

Contact Details

  • Shoemakers Court, Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, Bury, UK

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