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Big News...The Reiki Centre of Excellence

The Reiki Centre of Excellence, based at The Chakra Room, Ramsbottom, is something completley unique. It's aim is to promote the ancient art form of Reiki, while maintaining a high standard in both practicing, training and teaching the form. Lead by Sam Whittaker, the founder of the Chakra Room, and a group of dedicated founding members, we are now delighted to launch the Reiki Centre of Excellence.

Sam has been a teacher of Reiki for 15 years and throughout those years has taught many students the amazing healing art form of reiki. When you train at The Chakra Room, you also get the added benefit of a likeminded community and creative space to be able to deepen into your Reiki practice and own healing journey with ongoing support and opportunities for you to personally, spiritually and professionally develop.

Sam is passionate about the quality of training offered together with the continuing relationship with student and master and is dedicated to providing a deeply connected and professional approach to training with integrity for its history, sacredness and pure potential and power. She has taught many students that have now gone on to teach others themselves and create a career with Reiki or to offer their skills in hospices and cancer centres. Excellence and quality treatments are at the top of their list and a naturally evolved community has developed and now the time has come to step into that role and create a new Centre of Excellence for the benefit of all. On Saturday 11th March we will have an open day at The Chakra Room in Ramsbottom 10am until 4pm, where we welcome you to come and meet the team. Sam will offer a series of talks throughout the day from the basics of what is reiki for those who would like to know more to more detailed talks for those already on the reiki path. There will be demonstrations and energy exercises and our team of founding members will be offering Reiki sessions for a small donation and be on hand to answer any questions whether you have trained in Reiki, are interested in training or just curious about what it is. So this is an invitation for you to join us, come and be in the beautiful energy, learn about Reiki or deepen your practice if you are already on the Reiki path. We will serve refreshments and cacao, have some beautiful time for meditation and you can quiz Sam and the Reiki founding members about anything Reiki. Sam would particularly love to see her Reiki students come through the door to let us know what they would like from The Centre of Excellence so that we can start to build this amazing centre of resource and support. There will be special offers on treatments with our founding members and on upcoming Reiki courses and workshops only available on this day for those who attend. We have big plans and really look forward to setting this magical ship to sail in its gorgeous sea of energy. A schedule of the day will follow so please sign up to the website for updates and keep an eye out for our social media sites for more information

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Hi Sam it’s Tracey I have done up to my reiki masters about 20 years ago and I’ve done mobile beauty clients but looking to move forward with just reiki healing or to add onto it with something would you have something for me please I’ve been on a couple with Megan at yours thankyou Tracey xx

Replying to

Hi Tracey. Are you able to make it to the centre of excellence day next week? We have a reiki share on Tuesday 7th and 31st if you’d like to join that?



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