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What Is Reiki and 5 Things It Can Do For You?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Have you heard of the mysterious hands on healing technique known as Reiki but don't actually know what it is?

Here we explore what Reiki is and how it can enhance your life...

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy healing. It is a gentle but powerful hands on complimentary therapy where the practitioner channels universal life force energy through a persons body, promoting the recipients own natural healing. It is incredibly relaxing and soothing and this assists the body in reaching homeostasis, a state of optional functioning.

In a busy and hectic world the body and mind are under incredible pressure and attack from stress, pollution, viruses and overload and our bodies become out of balance and do not function in the way they are intended causing disease within the body's systems and the mind. We become weak and often sick or suffer from poor physical and mental health.

If you are looking to optimise your health, break away from a cycle of stress and poor health, learn how to become more relaxed, tap into your bodies own natural healing ability and reconnect to the true essence of who you are then Reiki could be a perfect therapy for you to are 5 reasons why

Reason #1 - Switch Off And Relax

Do you ever feel completely relaxed and quiet? Our minds are constantly whirring away and in a society addicted to cortisol (the stress hormone) we rarely manage to really relax and switch off except maybe once or twice a year when on holiday. Being in this relaxed state is vital for the body to be able to do its essential role of healing, cell regeneration and re alignment...hence why we feel so great after a holiday. Reiki brings you to this state of deep relaxation and healing in record time.

Reason #2 - Improve Sleep

Dropping into this deep relaxed state will allow you to access deep sleep and help you to stay asleep. People often report sleeping like a baby after a Reiki session

Reason #3 - Time Out For Self Care

Carving out time for your self care and well being is one of the best things you can offer yourself. No one else can do this on your behalf so connecting to your health and wellness and taking conscious action is a powerful move towards a more balanced and healed you .

Reason #4 - Reduce Pain And Symptoms

If you suffer with a long term health problem Reiki is a wonderful therapy to help you manage pain or other symptoms and can in turn help you to reduce pain and other medications with the support of your medical professionals

Reason #5 - Bring In Balance

When we are busy, stressed or sick we are out of balance, life doesn't flow and we can loose touch with our true nature. Reiki brings us back into balance and we can operate from our highest self, allowing us to receive all of the health benefits listed above along with a reconnection to your soul helping you feel more alive and present in life.

Reiki Gives You A Choice For Health And Wellbeing

Are you ready to become a more relaxed healthier version of you?

Are you ready to choose health over illness and peace over chaos?

At The Chakra Room we strive for excellence in all areas and we have a passion for Reiki. We offer treatments and training in Reiki and all of our practitioners are Reiki Masters who continually personally and professionally develop their skills.

We have proudly come together to create a Reiki Centre of Excellence so that we can offer the highest standard to all who come through our doors.

To book a Reiki healing session please visit the treatments page or to book Reiki training or Reiki Development please visit out Trainings and Workshops page.

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