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Unbecoming the journey to become...

It’s not long now to our annual retreat...the title of this years retreat is Unbecoming.

Retreats are a very special container where you get to leave your day to day life behind and immerse yourself for a number of days in either a specific practice or a schedule of happenings with an aim, that may be training, healing, transformation or reset and relax. The retreats we host as The Chakra Room are in modest and basic accommodation in a beautiful location and always with a focus on transformation and expansion into wholeness. We are not a plant based yoga retreat (which are beautiful things in their own right) we are earthy, wholesome, transformative and fun. We will always cater for plant based guests by the way, it's just that that isn't our focus as it is at lots of other retreats.

I'm pretty excited to announce that we have decided to host a second retreat this September...details for this will be announced very soon.

So May is here and after focusing on manifesting in the month of April with some magnificent results we have decided to expand on this theme into May...we intend for the month of May to be magical and manifesting part 2. The meditation sessions will reflect this with dates being released later today.

Also this month we have the regular Yoga sessions on a Monday evening with Julie, a reiki level 2 course and a reiki share which will all be available to book on line in the next day or so

May is beautiful and positive month, with rebirth everywhere, long light days and warmer weather. It's an opportunity to feel into this in your own life...what can you release? What can you allow and encourage to bloom and grow? Where can you add light in the world? How can you expand and create towards more nourishment in all areas of your life? You have the power and the skills to create a better, healthier, more nourished reality with some focus and action.

Make May the start of unbecoming all that doesn't align with you and stepping into the truth and clarity of your unique self and wholeness. Does that make your body feel a little more relaxed? It does mine ❤️

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