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Why would you choose to go on Retreat?

Now more than ever, we are focussed on our wellbeing and the concept of working on the whole person is being fully embraced.

The Chakra Room, a complementary health and wellbeing centre based in the beautiful market town of Ramsbottom, specialises in holistic treatments, classes, workshops and trainings for health, wellness and spirituality and is a real authority on this subject.

The Chakra Room takes it’s wealth of knowledge on twice- yearly, fully immersive residential retreats and has given hundreds of guests the opportunity to have some much needed time out to reconnect with themselves and rediscover their needs, passions and desires.

Here, Chakra Room Founder Samantha Whittaker gives her take on the top reasons people should attend a holistic retreat.

Take time away to reconnect with your health and wellness needs

When was the last time you took a few days to disconnect and spend time away from daily life stressors such as work, family and responsibilities? Chances are, it’s been a while. Yet it is so important to realise that the real healing begins with you – and unless you have this time, other things can seem huge.

A retreat offers the space required to give you this opportunity – you will be fully looked after with no real responsibilities for the duration, truly giving you the chance to focus only on yourself. Great homecooked food, beautiful surroundings – the ultimate me time.

A sense of community

While making new friends may not be top of your agenda – particularly if you have a busy life - our retreats offer an immersive community of like-minded souls working towards the same goal of self improvement and to have fun and beautiful connections. Deep, lasting friendships often grow out of these transformational weekends, and these new connections quickly become like close family. Most guests go home with a whole new tribe, with whom they stay in touch for years to come.

The ultimate opportunity to let go of old patterns and release versions of yourself that no longer serve you. How many times have you found yourself vowing not to go there again, not to do it again, not to get caught up in it again – and then a few weeks later you are back exactly where you started? Patterns are habits that we can fall in to which often stem from childhood and are incredibly difficult to break. Many of us live this way, as we are so used to this constant feeling of anxiety, that we forget how it used to feel to live with a sense of being calm and still.

A residential retreat offers the space to learn new techniques to help unlearn, let go and unbecome, that you can then take away and use to release all that you now longer need.

A deep dive in to real inner work

Many people leave a retreat feeling as though they have a completely new perspective on life. With the time and headspace to take a deep dive in to the inner soul, guests report many different transformations both physically, mentally and spiritually. By taking time to reflect and connect with your inner self, you may gain insights into your purpose and values that can help you make positive changes in your life. And this is the place where the real inner work can truly happen.



The very essence of The Chakra Room is to treat the “whole person”, achieving this by combining a range of holistic therapies and workshops to promote emotional and  physical wellbeing.

Our aim is to uphold traditional teachings whilst offering the space to evolve and expand awareness and practice to the highest potential. Excellence in all areas, together with deeply rooted skills and practices are at the top of our list. We offer this in the safe and sacred space of The Chakra Room within a supportive and expansive community.

We have a wonderful retreat offering with a very limited number of spaces left this September. If you are interested in attending our True Colours Retreat which takes place on 28th September (eve) to 1st October in Kilnsey - Yorkshire call 07753 823754

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