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Celebrate all that is you this November…

November is always a time to celebrate for me as it's my birthday but this November I have an extra reason...

I am a finalist in the She Inspires awards and the awards ceremony takes place on Thursday 24th November 🏆

Being nominated for an award is a very special honour and the process is quite something once you have been nominated. There are forms to fill in, interviews with judging panels and lots of time to look back over your achievements.

As a therapist for almost 25 years this is quite some history and with humble beginnings as a mobile therapist, moving around various locations, updating my skills and developing a community along the way has led me to the special place in Ramsbottom we know as The Chakra Room. We offer so many things at The Chakra Room to cover all of your holistic and spiritual needs and it's only going to get bigger and better


Facial Reflexology

Zone Facelift


Reiki training



Spiritual Mentoring




Tai Chi



Pregnancy yoga

Yin Yoga

Gong Spas

Cacao Ceremonies

Inner child workshops

Past life regression

Soul Readings

Oracle Circles

Psychic Development

Meditation classes

Meditation evenings

Personal development workshops and days

Crystal workshops

Chakra workshops

There are also one off events and lots of guest speakers and teachers bringing their magical and powerful gifts

Being nominated has allowed me to really reflect and look back on my achievements with a great sense of pride and love for all of it so this is indeed an award in itself.

We are our own worst critics, too often we slave drive and criticise ourselves so I highly recommend you take some time to place some awareness and focus on your achievements, list them out no matter how small, don't miss a single one off and sit in the warm glow of your growth. Look where you have come from, the obstacles along the way, your resilience, the fears and mistakes you have overcome and feel the pride in yourself for all of it. Give the inner critic the night off and create your very own awards evening in your mind. Applying this focus will not only make you feel good, it will motivate you, fill you will a sense of power and pride and give you a more positive and grateful outlook.

We are a product of our thoughts so choose wise, happy, positive and beautiful ones, especially about yourself to create a beautiful inner glow that will flow out to everyone and everything you touch.

Wish me luck but either way I'm feeling on top of the world to just be here doing what I love with all of you wonderful people 💗

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