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The art of Yin…

As we head into the last month of the year I always feel the building pressure as the year comes to a close.  It’s a busy time and I have had a busy year so with the dark nights and cooler weather it is the perfect time to look at the art of nourishing your “yin.” Yin is our restorative energy that allows our body and mind to slow down, rest and relax.

Use the darkness and the cold to retreat within and nourish yourself with good food, cosy nights in and hot salty baths.  Early nights and sleep are vital in the long cold winter months 

Good foods to help the body with yin energy are grains, vegetables and salads, fruits, nuts and seeds and protein.  Calming and cooling herbs such as chamomile or peppermint tea are wonderful to rebalance and soothe.  

Preparing your energy, body and soul now for the new year will reap rewards and help you to avoid that overwhelm and burnout that often occurs in the depth of winter.  Take this time to take natural rest and recuperate before spring.   

We have a whole host of lovely happenings to take us to the end of the year with Thursdays ever popular yoga classes, meditation classes, angel alchemy workshop, gong spas and a winter solstice cacao ceremony. The soul to sole sessions are a perfect end of the year check in and re grounding session as well as all of our lovely massage, reiki and reflexology treatments.  

The new year will hold lots of exciting new workshops, guests and retreat days and weekends so watch this space…

We have a large range of stock for Christmas gifts and gift vouchers which are available by appointment and I will be offering a few open shopping evenings/days.  Dates to be confirmed over the next few days. 

Wishing you a peaceful December and I look forward to catching up with you all over the coming month.  

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