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Welcome to September

As summer fades, the days get shorter, the air becomes cooler and we can begin to bring some equilibrium after a busy and hectic summer where we have seen an element of fun and freedom returning to our lives.

As the beginning of autumn appears it is a beautiful time of the year to acknowledge the natural cycles that occur both in nature and ourselves. September 22nd brings us the equinox where we have equal day and night and traditionally it is a time of harvest, that may be the food you have grown or the intentions and seeds you have planted for your own life earlier in the year. Take some time to reflect on all that you have achieved and created since the spring, be grateful and proud of even the smallest of achievements, celebrate them all.

Changes occur as nature begins its new cycle, the colours change and fruits and seeds become plump and abundant. The outdoors become a real life painting, a beautiful sight and as the leaves begin to fall it is a wonderful reminder that it’s a natural cycle for us to let things go too to not hold on, somethings have a season…a natural end so give yourself the gift of gentleness, allowing things to move or shift if they need to, a wise friend of mine refers to this as holding onto life with soft fingers rather than a tight grip! It’s liberating to allow this into your practice.

Embrace the change of the seasons, get out and witness it’s beauty as much as you can, harvest the fruits of the trees and the fruits of your intentions and achievements, slowly step into the dark and let go with grace.

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